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I doubt there's a better tabi sock out there.

My wife liked the look and quality of my Shimazakura stretchy white tabi socks so much she asked me to order a couple of pairs for her!

For wearing around the house these simply can't be beat! They're well-made and very comfortable. They are easy to clean and an excellent value for the money. I purchased a pair of similar tabi socks on Ebay, and they weren't nearly as good. You get what you pay for.

Best of all is dealing with Shimazakura. This business is all about the Japanese ethos of quality products and customer service that's second to none! They are one of the few online merchants I actually look forward to shopping with.

I strongly recommend this product AND this merchant!

Beautiful Jinbei & Great Customer Service!

I bought this Jinbei as a birthday gift for my son’s best friend. My son picked it as he has a similar to this and he loves wearing it. So he thought it would be so cool to share what’s Jinbei is like. His friend and his family LOVED IT! He just turned 8 years old, and we bought size 140 so he has enough room to grow into it.

Great customer service too! Had a little issue with shipping, yet they took care of it very quickly. Very responsible. I would definitely shop again. :)

Hanten Jacket

The entire shipping experience was so pleasant! Item shipped very quickly, was nicely packaged and included a personalized handwritten note. The hanten jacket is just gorgeous. The material is high quality, the colors are vibrant, and the print is very clear. The fit is perfect. I look forward to buying this product again in another design!


The slip fits nicely and does not feel heavy.

Top Quality and Comfort

For wearing around the house, these tabi are the best! the stretch material is very soft and feels cool on the skin; I think these would be perfect for the hot summer months. The quality is top-notch. I sure hope Shimazakura will get more in stock because I want to order some more!

Kimono Collar Stabilizer Corin Belt
Eri Sayama (Murrieta, US)

Great pricing and quick shopping with extra care.
Thank you!!

Excellent for wearing at home

Very well made tabi. They feel very cool on the feet, so I think they will be perfect for summer wear. I sure hope you'll be getting more in this size in stock!

A surprise gift

I thought they are right size for my daughters because I bought them before in Japan. Don’t have chance to take pictures since they live in different state. I’ll do so when I see them.

Loved it

My daughter loved her Yukata. I'm glad we found instructions on how to wear.

Still don't have it

Hi. Believe it or not, I still didn't recieve the jinbei so there is nothing to review yet. Merry Christmas.

Viktor san, thank you for shopping at shimazakura and we appreciate you for informing us about the delivery delay. When we received your order, we noticed that you are located overseas and we assumed this purchase could be a part of your holiday gifts therefore, as you can see on the tracking, we have shipped your order the day we received your order. We completely understand your frustration however, unfortunately, we have no control over the package delivery once it leaves our hands and moves over to the carrier. We are very sorry. As we can see on the tracking, your package has been in your country but it is stuck at the customs. We have communicated with the carrier already so we will send you the detailed package information in a separate email. We apologize for this matter. Viktor san, we hope you and your family stay safe and have happy holidays!

Men's Black Cotton Polyester Samue set <4L>
John Armstead (Jacksonville, US)
Great Quality

The men’s Jimbei and Samue set I purchased was as advertised regarding the size, color and material type. Fantastic!! Although, I did purchase several smaller items (Okinawa BINGATA print bag and handkerchief), they were gifts. The recipient is from Okinawa and did inform me how authentic, colorful and of great quality they were.

Excellent Quality

These are very nice printed cloths. The colors are very accurate, as is the pattern. They are exactly what I wanted.

Women's Stylish Navy Strupe Goldfish Yukata
Amelia Blanton (Clermont, US)
So pretty!

Its a beautiful design and good quality! It fits perfectly.

Cool Orange Spider Obidome
L.Yoh (Milpitas, US)
Cool Orange Spider Obidome is so COOL!!

I finally purchased my very own kimono and needed to have an ornament (obidome) to add to my obijime. I think I will dress up in full kimono for Halloween and show this off! Love it!

So beautiful!

I bought it for my daughter to wear for her upcoming birthday since she outgrew the old one and she LOVES it. She wanted to wear it right away. It’s beautiful and a better version from previous product. Shipping is fast and seller is accommodating and very nice. Thank you for the extra gifts as well. I know I’ll be ordering again for sure 😊


We bought this for our daughter to wear to our local Japanese Festival and everyone that saw her complimented how adorable she is and how they loved her outfit. Nice quality also!

Women's Black Blossom Geta Sandals <6 1/2"-8">
Traeonna Wagener (Toledo, US)

Women's Black Blossom Geta Sandals <6 1/2"-8">

Perfect Fit

This lightweight cotton yukata was perfect to wear on a very hot day. Very comfortable and since I was able to make an informed decision as to sizing, it fits me properly. One thing I love about cotton yukata is that they are easy to care for. I machine-washed this, then air-dried, ironed where it was needed before folding up and putting it in my kimono closet to wear on another day.

Men's Black Design Stripe Cotton Jinbei <3L, 4L>
Jonathan (Owings Mills, US)
Men’s Jinbei

Delighted that you could finally carry some clothes in my size! Your clothes are always good quality.

Women's Red and Black Reversible Pre-tied Obi
Robert Levine (Palm Springs, US)

very nice

Muslin Pink Kimono Koshihimo set
Dennis Crenshaw (Durham, US)
Wonderful Material

Just what I was looking for!

Women's Short Obi Ita Obi Sash Plate
Jessica A. Williams (Fair Oaks, US)
Absolutely Adorable Yet Practical

"I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the delicate floral pattern is stitches with a beautiful shine. The light dances on their thread with a subtle silver warmth. I would label the base color more of a very light tint of red-violet, but that may be nit-picking. One wouldn't really see the product beneath the obi regardless, so it's hardly a concern to note. While durable with a comfortable balance of resistance and give, the foam backing makes the product very comfortable to wear. I find it is a very good length for my torso as well. And, again, Shimazakura provided the absolute best in customer service with hand-written notes and kind, polite, gesture. It always brings me back. Always recommend."

Jessica A. Williams

Sensu Fan Ukiyoe Ocean
Bethanee JO Couch (Akron, US)
Well made and colorful

A well made fan I gifted. The colors are bright and the image is just as the photos showed.

Men's Cotton Black and Blue Stripe Jinbei
Trudy Golden (New Bedford, US)

Great! Just what we wanted.

Men's Cotton Black Tiny Stype Jinbei set
Albert Directo (Zurich, CH)
Excellent jinbei and fantastic customer service

The customer service was outstanding. They did not have my size but kept me up to date on when more stock was coming in. The jinbei I ordered fit very well and is great quality. Thank you for the pleasant shopping experience. Will buy from again in the near future!