Men's Kimono Needs

Must have items for Men's Kimono wearing

- This information is for a traditional non-yukata (summer kimono) kimono.


men kimono

Any Kimono you like.
Casual Kimono: Cotton, Wool, Polyester Silk, ...

Formal Kimono: Silk, With Family Crests


men hadajuban

Kimono Underwear. Worn directly on the skin. Short sleeve.
Invisible from outside. Protect your kimono from body sweat.

* It is recommended however, maybe replaced with whatever underwear you have.


men juban

Kimono undergarment. Long collar and sleeves. Slightly visible from the outside. Make the kimono slippery and easy to move. Worn between a Hadajuban and Kimono. 1 piece Juban and 2 piece Juban available.


men koshihimo

Tie Strings. Stabilize a Juban and Kimono.

Obi Sash

men kaku obi

Kaku Obi. Long and Thin Obi sash. Pre-tied Obi is available as well.

Tabi socks

men tabi socks

Kimono socks. Tabi separates the thumb and other toes.

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Geta / Zori / Setta

men geta

men setta

Geta: Wooden sandals. Often with teeth and fabric thong

Zori: Kimono sandals without teeth. Variety materials available such as rice straw, lacquered wood, and leather.

Setta: Type of Zori that is made of straw and often has rubber sole.


Recommended Items for Men's Kimono Wearing


men haori

Kimono Jacket.
Variety of length available. Formal Haori has family crests on.

Haori Himo

men haori himo

Strings or chain that connects both sides of Haori openings.


men hakama

Skirt like bottom worn over a kimono.

Often worn for formal events.

Shingen Bukuro

men shingen bukuro

Kimono fabric bag.

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